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[audio]Out from the House of War: A Litmus for New Leadership in Security Policy - Carl Conetta
address by Carl Conetta of the Project on Defense Alternatives to Symposium: The Role of Force & the Armed Forces in US Foreign Policy — What have we learned?New York, 10 April 2008.
Keywords: Bush wars; defense policy; Iraq; Afghanistan
Downloads: 23
[unknown]Iraq's Impact on the Future of U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy, Session 2: The United States, Europe, and Asia - Princeton University
Session two of a four-part symposium, held as part of the Iraq's Impact on the Future of U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy research project at the Council on Foreign Relations. Speakers: - Dana Allin, Senior Fellow, International Institute for Strategic Studies. - Phillip C. Saunders, Senior Research Fellow, National Defense University. Presider: Philip Gordon, Senior Fellow for U.S. foreign Policy, the Brookings Institution.
Keywords: Iraq; Dana Allin; Phillip Saunders; foreign policy; defense policy
Downloads: 1,174
[texts]The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union's Common Security and Defense Policy: Intersecting Trajectories - Sarwar A. Kashmeri
NATO used to be the worldâs most formidable military alliance. But its original reason for existence, the Soviet Union, disintegrated years ago, and its dreams of being a world cop are withering in the mountains of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the European Unionâs (EU) Common Security & Defense Policy (CSDP) has deployed 27 successful military/civil missions from Africa to Asia in the last 10 years. Through CSDP, Europeans are increasingly taking charge of managing their own foreign and security po...
Keywords: Europe; EU; NATO; SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; CSDP; common security & defense policy; security and defense; Sarwar A. Kashmeri
Downloads: 113
[unknown]Iraq's Impact on the Future of U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy, Session 1: The United States and the Middle East
Session one of a four-part symposium, held as part of the Iraq's Impact on the Future of U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy research project at the Council on Foreign Relations. Speakers: - Toby Dodge, Consulting Senior Fellow for the Middle East, International Institute for Strategic Studies. - Steven Simon, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations. - Shibley Telhami, Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development, University of Maryland...
Keywords: Iraq; Toby Dodge; Steven Simon; Shibley Telhami; Steven Simon; foreign policy; defense policy
Downloads: 285
[texts]New NATO Members: Security Consumers or Producers? - Joel R. Hillison
This monograph examines the burden-sharing of new members in NATO. Qualitative and quantitative methods are used to test the hypothesis that new NATO members are burden-sharing at a greater rate than older NATO members. An analysis of the burden-sharing behavior of NATOâs 1999 wave of new members reveals that new NATO members have demonstrated the willingness to contribute to NATO missions, but are often constrained by their limited capabilities...
Keywords: NATO; SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; security studies; Joel R. Hillison
Downloads: 53
[texts]A Case Study in Security Sector Reform: Learning from Security Sector Reform/Building in Afghanistan (October 2002-September 2003) - Jason C. Howk
This paper provides a case study to help explain the SSR concepts that were recently formalized in U.S. Army Field Manual 3.07, "Stability Operations Doctrine." It provides insights into how the military interacts with host-nation governments, the United Nations, the State Department, and national embassies to solve todayâs complex problems. The authorâs experience revealed many pitfalls in security sector building and international team-building that we are trying to avoid today...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; security sector reform; U.S. Army War College; Jason C. Howk
Downloads: 78
[texts]Organizing to Compete in the Political Terrain - Nadia Schadlow
In this analysis, the author identifies some of the contining obstacles to achieving civil-military integration in war. She argues that there are continuing disagreements about who should lead the shaping of the political landscape in war, and that while doctrine has advanced in this area, good doctrine does not guarantee the effective execution of governance-related tasks. Sound operational approaches are required as well.
Keywords: SSI; wartime; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; civil-military integration; Nadia Schadlow
Downloads: 50
[texts]Resolving Ethical Challenges in an Era of Persistent Conflict - Tony Pfaff
The character of irregular warfare has challenged the American âway of warâ in a number of ways. Not only does it challenge how U.S. forces fight, it also brings into question the ethical norms that they employ to govern the fighting. The resulting confusion is especially evident in the public debate over the use of force in Iraq and Afghanistan. For example, traditional just war thinking has permitted collateral damage that has undermined the civil order that those military operations are int...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; military leadership; U.S. Army War College; Tony Pfaff
Downloads: 49
[texts]Teaching Strategy: Challenge and Response - Gabriel Marcella
Teaching all strategy, from grand to military, is essential in the preparation of national security professionals and military leaders. The experience of the armed forces in recent wars recommends that those involved with the system of military education seriously study the way strategy is taught. The task is even more imperative because the ambiguous conflicts and the complex geopolitical environment of the future are likely to challenge the community of strategists, civilian as well as militar...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; teaching strategy; U.S. Army War College; Gabriel Marcella
Downloads: 271
[texts]David Galula: His Life and Intellectual Context - Ann Marlowe
This monograph is based on interviews with David Galulaâs surviving family and friends as well as archival research. It places Galulaâs two great books in the context of his exposure to Maoâs doctrine of revolutionary warfare in China, the French Armyâs keen interest in counterinsurgency in the second half of the 1950s, and the transmission of French doctrine to the U.S. military in the early 1960s...
Keywords: Biography; SSI; counterinsurgency; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; David Galula; Ann Marlowe
Downloads: 170
[texts]Kazakhstan's Defense Policy: An Assessment of the Trends - Roger N. McDermott
Kazakhstanâs foreign policy, since its independence, has successfully avoided favoring any one country based on what Astana styles as a âmulti-vectoredâ approach to foreign policy. Yet, in terms of its conduct of defense and security policies, this paradigm simply does not fit with how the regime makes policy in its most sensitive areas of security cooperation. Indeed, its closest defense ties are still with Russia, which have deepened and intensified at a bilateral level, as well as through ...
Keywords: Kazakhstan; SSI; Strategic Studies; Defense Policy; U.S. Army War College; Military Capabilities; Roger N. McDermott
Downloads: 81
[texts]Schools for Strategy: Teaching Strategy for 21st Century Conflict - Colin S. Gray
All would-be strategists would benefit by some formal education. However, for education in strategy to be well-directed, it needs to rest upon sound assumptions concerning the eternal nature yet ever shifting character, meaning, and function of strategy, as well as the range of behaviors required for effective strategic performance. The author emphasizes the necessity for strategic education to help develop the strategic approach, the way of thinking that can solve or illuminate strategic proble...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; strategy theory; Colin S. Gray
Downloads: 194
[texts]Resolving Insurgencies - Thomas R. Mockaitis
Understanding how insurgencies may be brought to a successful conclusion is vital to military strategists and policymakers. This study examines how past insurgencies have ended and how current ones may be resolved. Four ways in which insurgencies have ended are identified. Clear-cut victories for either the government or the insurgents occurred during the era of decolonization, but they seldom happen today...
Keywords: SSI; counterinsurgency; insurgencies; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Thomas R. Mockaitis
Downloads: 130
[texts]Short of General War: Perspectives on the Use of Military Power in the 21st Century - Harry R. Yarger
At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the United States is involved in two ongoing wars, faces a significant international terrorist threat, and is witnessing an escalation of international resistance to its leadership of the global world order. Looking out to 2025, many see the potential for a prolonged period of instability as a result of competing economic models, demographics, the rise of new international actors and the resurgence old ones, climate change, and the scarcity of ...
Keywords: SSI; military power; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Harry R. Yarger
Downloads: 559
[texts]U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Issues, Vol II: Theory of War and Strategy, 4th Edition - (Editor) J. Boone Bartholomees Jr.
This edition of the U. S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy continues to reflect the structure and approach of the core national security strategy and policy curriculum at the War College. The fourth edition is published in two volumes that correspond roughly to the Department of National Security and Strategyâs core courses: âTheory of War and Strategyâ and âNational Security Policy and Strategy.â Like previous editions, this one is largely an expansion of its...
Keywords: SSI; Volume 1; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; USAWC Guide
Downloads: 588
[texts]U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Issues, Vol I: Theory of War and Strategy, 4th Edition - (Editor) J. Boone Bartholomees Jr.
This edition of the U. S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy continues to reflect the structure and approach of the core national security strategy and policy curriculum at the War College. The fourth edition is published in two volumes that correspond roughly to the Department of National Security and Strategyâs core courses: âTheory of War and Strategyâ and âNational Security Policy and Strategy.â Like previous editions, this one is largely an expansion of its...
Keywords: SSI; Volume 1; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; USAWC Guide
Downloads: 992
[texts]Ilari's Digital Military Library - Virgilio Ilari
In the past five years Virgilio Ilari (Rome, 1948, President of the Italian Society of Military History) collected a Digital Military Library of some 50,000 free ebooks in public domain. Italian libraries under the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Defence have refused the gift of the DML, which has so far only accepted by the Swiss Government for the Federal Library of Bern. The Italian Society of Military History offers free public libraries Italian and foreign scholars qualifi...
Keywords: military history; strategic studies; ebooks; Italian defense policy; Italian Society of Military History
Downloads: 70
[texts]Human Intelligence: All Humans, All Minds, All the Time - Robert D. Steele
The author explores the centrality of Human Intelligence in meeting the needs of the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, and the whole of government. Such intelligence is essential to create a national security strategy, to define whole of government policies, to acquire the right capabilities at the right price in time to be useful, and to conduct local and global operations. He outlines 15 distinct types of HUMINT, four of which are classified (defensive and offensive counterintelligence, cl...
Keywords: SSI; HUMINT; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; human intelligence; Robert D. Steele
Downloads: 228
[texts]YouTube War: Fighting in a World of Cameras in Every Cell Phone and Photoshop on Every Computer - Cori E. Dauber
Terrorist attacks today are often media events in a second sense: information and communication technologies have developed to such a point that these groups can film, edit, and upload their own attacks within minutes of staging them, whether the Western media are present or not. In this radically new information environment, the enemy no longer depends on traditional media. This is the âYouTube War.â This monograph methodically lays out the nature of this new environment in terms of its impli...
Keywords: SSI; counterinsurgency; new media; social media; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Cori E. Dauber
Downloads: 25
[texts]New Partnerships for a New Era: Enhancing the South African Army's Stabilization Role in Africa - Deane-Peter Baker
Since emerging from the mire of its apartheid past, South Africa has become a key player in Sub-Saharan Africa. The challenge of creating a truly national military, during a period in which South Africa has also wrestled with tough internal socio-economic problems, has left the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) in a weakened state. Despite this, they have in recent years made a considerable contribution to efforts to bring peace and stability to the African continent...
Keywords: Africa; SSI; South Africa; stabilization; strategic studies; defense policy; Sub-Saharan Africa; U.S. Army War College; South African Army
Downloads: 27
[texts]Talent: Implications for a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy - Casey Wardynski, David S. Lyle, Michael J. Colarusso
In our proposed Army Officer Corps Strategy, we established the interdependency of accessing, developing, retaining and employing talented leaders. Before exploring each of those functions in greater detail, however, we must first define âtalent.â In our view, talent is something possessed by everyone. In fact, each individual has a unique distribution of talent across three dimensionsâskills, knowledge, and behaviors...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; army officer; U.S. Army War College; Casey Wardynski; David S. Lyle; Michael J. Colarusso
Downloads: 46
[texts]Implications of a Changing NATO - Phillip R. Cuccia
NATO officials plan to unveil the new NATO Strategic Concept during the Allianceâs summit in Portugal at the end of this year. This monograph focuses on the impact of what the Strategic Concept will have on the Alliance. This analysis describes recent trends within NATO and their implications. The monograph provides senior military and political leaders with a discussion of the changing composition of the NATO nations and the impact of these changes on the nature of the Alliance...
Keywords: NATO; SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; NATO strategic concept; Phillip R. Cuccia
Downloads: 106
[texts]Dilemmas of Brazilian Grand Strategy - Hal Brands
This monograph analyzes Brazilian grand strategy under President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. During Lulaâs nearly 8 years in office, he has pursued a multi-tiered grand strategy aimed at hastening the transition from unipolarity to a multipolar order in which international rules, norms, and institutions are more favorable to Brazilian interests. Lula has done so by emphasizing three diplomatic strategies: soft-balancing, coalition-building, and seeking to position Brazil as the leader of a mo...
Keywords: Brazil; SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva; Hal Brands
Downloads: 87
[texts]Harnessing Post-Conflict "Transitions": A Conceptual Primer - Nicholas J. Armstrong, Jacqueline Chura-Beaver
Current research and available tools for transition in post-conflict situations are analyzed. The authors make a significant contribution to the field by providing a broadly applicable definition of transition and a comprehensive assessment of the existing approaches and literature on the topic. Most importantly, their analysis lays the groundwork for future conceptual development and improved implementation of post-conflict transitions...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; post-conflict transitions; Nicholas J. Armstrong; Jacqueline Chura-Beaver
Downloads: 35
[texts]The Army Officers' Professional Ethic--Past, Present, and Future - Matthew Moten
Colonel Matthew Moten of the West Point History Department has asked why so many other professions have clear statements of professional responsibility, but the Army officer corps does not. This essay briefly surveys the history of the Armyâs professional ethic, focusing primarily on the officer corps. It assesses todayâs strategic, professional, and ethical environment. Then it argues that a clear statement of the Army officersâ professional ethic is especially necessary in a time when the A...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Matthew Moten; u.s. army professional ethic
Downloads: 96
[texts]Sufism in Northern Nigeria: A Force for Counter-Radicalization? - Jonathan N.C. Hill
In light of the ongoing threats issued by al-Qaeda (AQ) against the United States and its allies, the need to prevent the radicalization of young Muslim men and women remains as pressing as ever, and perhaps nowhere is this task more urgent than in the countries of West Africa. The global expanse of the ongoing war on terror places these territories in the frontline. With large Muslim populations that have hitherto remained mostly impervious to the advances of Islamism, the challenge now confron...
Keywords: Sufism; Nigeria; SSI; Africa; West Africa; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; counterradicalization; Jonathan N.C. Hill
Downloads: 104
[texts]Crime, Violence, and the Crisis in Guatemala: A Case Study in the Erosion of the State - Hal Brands
Guatemala is currently experiencing a full-blown crisis of the democratic state. An unholy trinity of criminal elementsâinternational drug traffickers, domestically based organized crime syndicates, and youth gangsâis effectively waging a form of irregular warfare against government institutions, with devastating consequences. The police, the judiciary, and entire local and departmental governments are rife with criminal infiltrators; murder statistics have surpassed civil-war levels in recent...
Keywords: Gangs; SSI; Guatemala; organized crime; strategic studies; defense policy; drug trafficking; U.S. Army War College; democratic crisis; Hal Brands
Downloads: 236
[texts]Rebuilding Armed Forces: Learning from Iraq and Lebanon - Florence Gaub
Security Force Assistance becomes more and more important not only in the post-conflict reconstruction process, but also in a more general way in the foreign policy of the United States. Looking into the experience of both Iraq and Lebanon, this monograph offers useful insights for future military assistance programs and reconstruction efforts. While current assistance programs are certainly of high quality in technical terms, this publication sheds light on the equally important, yet often over...
Keywords: SSI; Nation Building; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; military culture; Lebanon; Iraq; Middle East; Florence Gaub
Downloads: 61
[texts]Alien: How Operational Art Devoured Strategy - Justin Kelly, Michael James Brennan
The publication of the 1982 version of Army Field Manual (FM) 100-5, Operations, introduced to the English-speaking world the idea of an operational level of war encompassing the planning and conduct of campaigns and major operations. It was followed 3 years later by the introduction of the term âoperational artâ which was, in practice, the skillful management of the operational level of war. This conception of an identifiably separate level of war that defined the jurisdiction of the professi...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; operational art; Justin Kelly; Michael James Brennan
Downloads: 138
[texts]Got Vision? Unity of Vision in Policy and Strategy: What It Is and Why We Need It - Anna Simons
Moving beyond âunity of effortâ and âunity of command,â this monograph identifies an overarching need for âunity of vision.â Without someone at the helm who has a certain kind--not turn, not frame, but kind--of mind, asymmetric confrontations will be hard (if not impossible) to win. If visionary generals can be said to possess âcoup dâoeil,â then unity of vision is cross-cultural coup dâoeil...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Anna Simons; unity of vision; policy and strategy building
Downloads: 55
[texts]Prospects for U.S.-Russian Security Cooperation - (Editor) Stephen J. Blank
Russia, despite claims made for and against its importance, remains, by any objective standard, a key player in world affairs. Russia is an important barometer of trends in world politics, e.g., the course of democratization in the world. Furthermore, Russia, if it were so disposed, could be the abettor and/or supporter of a host of negative trends in the world today. Even so, if U.S. policymakers and analysts see Russia more as a spoiler than as a constructive partner (whether rightly or wrongl...
Keywords: Russia; SSI; security policy; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Stephen J. Blank; U.S.-Russian Relations
Downloads: 370
[texts]Reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) - (Editor) Henry D. Sokolski
As currently interpreted, it is difficult to see why the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) warrants much support as a nonproliferation convention. Most foreign ministries, including that of Iran and the United States, insist that Article IV of the NPT recognizes the âinalienable rightâ of all states to develop âpeaceful nuclear energy.â This includes money-losing activities, such as nuclear fuel reprocessing, which can bring countries to the very brink of acquiring nuclear weapons...
Keywords: SSI; NPT; nuclear; security; nuclear nonproliferation; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Henry D. Sokolski
Downloads: 92
[texts]Project on National Security Reform: Vision Working Group Report and Scenarios - (Editor) Sheila R. Ronis
The Project on National Security Reform submitted its 2-year study of the national security system, Forging a New Shield, to the President, President-elect, and Congress on November 26, 2008. Before the Project finalized the reportâs recommendations, its Vision Working Group tested the findings against a diverse set of scenarios to determine if the recommendations were robust and effective. This volume documents the scenario-testing process used by the Vision Working Group and includes the actu...
Keywords: SSI; National Security; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Project on National Security Reform; Sheila R. Ronis
Downloads: 63
[texts]Preparing for One War and Getting Another? - Antulio J. Echevarria II
This monograph examines the fundamental argument that America's adversaries are shifting more toward irregular methods due to the demonstrated prowess of the U.S. military at conventional warfare. This argument is based on what one might call a paradoxical logic, not unlike that described by Edward Luttwak in his classic work, Strategy. Among other things, the monograph concludes that few genuine paradoxes exist in war; most principles that appear paradoxical are completely linear...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; unconventional warfare; U.S. Army War College; irregular military; conventional warfare; Antulio J. Echevarria II
Downloads: 67
[texts]Dealing with Political Ferment in Latin America: The Populist Revival, the Emergence of the Center, and Implications for U.S. Policy - Hal Brands
The current political dynamics in Latin America is analyzed, and their meaning for the United States is evaluated. The author argues that references to a uniform âleft turnâ in the region are misleading, and that Latin America is actually witnessing a dynamic competition between two very different forms of governance. Represented by leaders like Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, and others, radical populism emphasizes the politics of grievance and a penchant for extreme solutions...
Keywords: SSI; Populism; Latin America; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; U.S. Policy; Hal Brands
Downloads: 95
[texts]Russian Elite Image of Iran: From the Late Soviet Era to the Present - Dmitry Shlapentokh
Since the late Soviet era, the presence of Iran has loomed large in the minds of the Russian elite. Soon after the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)âand even beforeâincreasing numbers of Russian intellectuals became disenchanted with the West, especially the United States, and looked for alternative geopolitical alliances. The Muslim world became one of the possible alternatives...
Keywords: Iran; Russia; SSI; Vladimir Putin; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Dmitry Shlapentokh; Russian Elite
Downloads: 170
[texts]Japan's Decision for War in 1941: Some Enduring Lessons - Jeffrey Record
The author takes a fresh look at Japanâs decision for war in 1941, and concludes that it was dictated by Japanese pride and the threatened economic destruction of Japan by the United States. He believes that Japanese aggression in East Asia was the root cause of the Pacific War, but argues that the road to war in 1941 was built on American as well as Japanese miscalculations and that both sides suffered from cultural ignorance and racial arrogance...
Keywords: WWII; Japan; SSI; American Foreign Policy; Strategic Studies; Defense Policy; East Asia; U.S. Army War College; Jeffrey Record
Downloads: 226
[texts]Regional Spillover Effects of the Iraq War - W. Andrew Terrill
The Iraq war has been one of the dominant factors influencing U.S. strategic thinking in the Middle East and globally since 2003. Yet the problems of this highly dynamic and fluid war have sometimes forced U.S. policymakers to address near-term issues that cannot be safely postponed at the expense of long-term strategic thought. Such a technique, while understandable, cannot continue indefinitely as an approach to policy...
Keywords: Iraq Middle East; National Security; U.S. policy; SSI; Strategic Studies; Defense Policy; U.S. Army War College
Downloads: 66
[texts]Mexico's Narco-Insurgency and U.S. Counterdrug Policy - Hal Brands
In late 2007, the U.S. and Mexican governments unveiled the Merida Initiative. A 3-year, $1.4 billion counternarcotics assistance program, the Merida Initiative is designed to combat the drug-fueled violence that has ravaged Mexico of late. The initiative aims to strengthen the Mexican police and military, permitting them to take the offensive in the fight against Mexicoâs powerful cartels. As currently designed, however, the Merida Initiative is unlikely to have a meaningful, long-term impact ...
Keywords: Narcotics; Mexico; insurgency; SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; War on Drugs; U.S. Army War College; Merida Initiative; Hal Brands
Downloads: 239
[texts]Do Oil Exports Fuel Defense Spending? - Clayton K. S. Chun
This monograph explores the impact that oil revenue had on the national defense spending of five oil-exporting countries. Despite periods of falling oil revenues, these countries typically did not lower defense spending. In some cases, defense spending increased sharply, or the rate of decrease was much lower than the drop in oil revenues. This condition creates challenges for national security professionals...
Keywords: oil; SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; national defense; defense spending; U.S. Army War College; oil revenue; Clayton K. S. Chun
Downloads: 83
[texts]Russia and Arms Control: Are There Opportunities for the Obama Administration? - Stephen J. Blank
Russo-American relations are generally acknowledged to be at an impasse. Arms control issues feature prominently in that conflicted agenda. Indeed, as of September 2008, the Bush administration was contemplating not just a break in arms talks but actual sanctions, and allowed the bilateral civil nuclear treaty with Russia to die in the Senate rather than go forward for confirmation. Russian spokesmen make clear their belief that American concessions on key elements of arms control issues like mi...
Keywords: Russia; SSI; United states; strategic studies; defense policy; Obama Administration; arms control; U.S. Army War College; Stephen J. Blank; Russo-American Relations
Downloads: 58
[texts]Russia, China, and the United States in Central Asia: Prospects for Great Power Competition and Cooperation in the Shadow of the Georgian Crisis - Elizabeth Wishnick
Russia and China have been reacting to the pressures of changing U.S.-Central Asia policy over the past 5 years as has the United States. In response to the âcolorâ revolutions, they achieved broad agreement on the priority of regime security and the need to limit the long-term military presence of the United States in Central Asia. These are also two key areasâdefining the political path of Central Asian states and securing a strategic foothold in the regionâwhere the United States finds it...
Keywords: China; Russia; SSI; United States; Central Asia; Strategic Studies; Defense Policy; U.S. Army War College; U.S. Central Asia Policy; Elizabeth Wishnick
Downloads: 99
[texts]The Effects of Multiple Deployments on Army Adolescents - Leonard Wong, Stephen Gerras
Multiple deployments have become a way of life for our Soldiers. In Army families, these frequent deployments increase the burden on children who must face the stress and strain of separation and anxiety. The authors take a much-needed, detailed look at the effects of multiple deployments on Army adolescents. The results of this study reinforce some of what we already know concerning deployments and children, but they also reveal some very interesting, counterintuitive findings that challenge th...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; army adolescents; multiple deployments; children of soldiers; Leonard Wong; Stephen Gerras
Downloads: 45
[texts]India in Africa: Implications of an Emerging Power for AFRICOM and U.S. Strategy - J. Peter Pham
This monograph examines Indiaâs rapidly expanding network of influence in Africa. The author analyzes the countryâs burgeoning public and private investments in the region as well as its policies vis-à-vis African regional organizations and individual states, especially in the security sector. After reviewing the historic role that India has played in Africa, the author looks at the principal motivations for Indiaâs approach to Africaâincluding the formerâs quests for the resources, busi...
Keywords: India; AFRICOM; military strategy; strategic studies; U.S. policy; SSI; U.S. Army War College; defense policy; Africa; J. Peter Pham
Downloads: 85
[texts]Medvedev's Plan: Giving Russia a Voice but not a Veto in a New European Security System - Richard J. Krickus
The author addresses the question of how to give Russia a voice but not a veto in a new European security system and provides some provocative recommendations. Most specifically, he proposes that the time has come to provide Russia with a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) and agrees that those who argue against it remain mired in a Cold War mindset that is out of sync with todayâs strategic realities...
Keywords: SSI; Dmitry Medvedev; Vladimir Putin; Russia; Europe; NATO; MAP; European security; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; Richard J. Krickus
Downloads: 66
[texts]Guide to Rebuilding Public Sector Services in Stability Operations: A Role for the Military Authored by Derick W. Brinkerhoff, Ronald W. Johnson, Richard Hill, (Editor) Susan Merrill - Derick W. Brinkerhoff, Ronald W. Johnson, Richard Hill, (Editor) Susan Merrill
The guide is designed to provide peacekeepers with a thorough and nuanced understanding on the policy, planning, cultural and ethnic implications, tradeoffs, and options for public services reconstruction. It takes the position ultimately that the host government is responsible for public goods. Stability actors and host country governments can cooperate on policy, resource allocation, and service planning, even when the majority of services may initially be provided by nonstate or external acto...
Keywords: Peacekeeping; SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; stability operations; pubic sector; Derick W. Brinkerhoff; Ronald W. Johnson; Richard Hill; Susan Merrill
Downloads: 52
[texts]The New Aztecs: Ritual and Restraint in Contemporary Western Military Operations - Zhivan Alach
The Western way of war has come full circle. After centuries of evolution toward increased totality and brutality, it has turned back once again to the ritualistic and restrained methods of primitive warfare. Largely, this has been due to an interaction between the perceived lack of utility in contemporary warfare, developing humanitarian public opinion, and increasing professionalism among militaries...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; strategic thinking; Zhivan Alach; contemporary Western military operations; advancing strategic thought
Downloads: 67
[texts]The Conflicts in Yemen and U.S. National Security - W. Andrew Terrill
Yemen is not currently a failed state, but it is experiencing huge political and economic problems that can have a direct impact on U.S. interests in the region. It has a rapidly expanding population with a resource base that is limited and already leaves much of the current population in poverty. The government obtains around a third of its budget revenue from sales of its limited and declining oil stocks, which most economists state will be exhausted by 2017...
Keywords: Terrorism; Yemen; Middle East; U.S. government; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; SSI; national security; W. Andrew Terrill
Downloads: 107
[texts]The Army's Professional Military Ethic in an Era of Persistent Conflict - Don M. Snider, Paul Oh, Kevin Toner
As the character of conflict in the 21st century evolves, the Armyâs strength will continue to rest on our values, our ethos, and our people. Our Soldiers and leaders must remain true to these values as they operate in increasingly complex environments where moral-ethical failures can have strategic implications. Most of our Soldiers do the right thing--and do it well--time and again under intense pressure...
Keywords: SSI; strategic studies; defense policy; U.S. Army War College; U.S. Army; military ethic; Don M. Snider; Paul Oh; Kevin Toner
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[texts]State and Nonstate Associated Gangs: Credible "Midwives of New Social Orders" - Max G. Manwaring
The monograph examines contemporary populism and neopopulism, 21st century socialism, and a nonstate actor (al-Qaeda) seeking regional and global hegemony. They are: first, paramilitary gang permutations in Colombia that are contributing significantly to the erosion of the Colombian state and its democratic institutions, and implementing the anti-system objectives of their elite neo-populist sponsors; second, Hugo Chavezâs use of the New Socialism and popular militias to facilitate his populist...
Keywords: Colombia; gangs; SSI; al Qaeda; paramilitary; Latin America; strategic studies; defense policy; Western Europe; social order; U.S. Army War College; Max G. Manwaring; state gangs; nonstate gangs
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